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Tuesday Talks w/EAA - 3.9.21

|| March 9, 2021 | Now Playing: "Change" by Takuya Kuroda | 11:39pm PST || When I say sleepy... You say tired! SLEEPY! TIRED! SLEEPY! *insert snore here...*   I swear I'd love to be able to tell you right now that I'm wide awake and ready to take on new thoughts, ideas, concepts, and conquests, but your girl is POOPED! The day and seemingly the night too (lol) got away from me and here I am now, on the verge of fallin out on this keyboard... SMH *facepalm*   I'm trying to offer myself a lil grace right about now, while simultaneously juggling about 3 different tasks at once... you'd think I'd learn to dial it back a bit lol   On days/nights like this where I can feel the last bit of energy I can muster running away from me just like all of my free time did, I finally take the cues that the Universe has been desperately trying to tell me, which is to SIT DOWN!   I have no doubt that I'm not alone in the feeling of needing to do more, be more, think more, live more... it goes on and on! Sometimes, we can do more damage than good for ourselves when we fail to take care of the very thing that allows us the time, space and energy to be all that we are on any given day. It's so important, so critical that we pause enough to recognize when our own engines simply need a break    In our efforts to do everything and be everyone, we may likely end up being and doing nothing fully at all...    So give yourself a break, a moment, a rest, a recharge with a side of grace and a dollop of patience... you've earned it... you deserve that reset your body and spirit have so desperately been seeking   Superheroes need rejuvenating too *Besos* Love & Gratefulness, ||Dani || Owner of Eleva Alma Apothecary & Tea Amo