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Tuesday Talks w/EAA - 2.23.21

Hey Hey Loves!

This is a new series that we're beginning here at Eleva where I just want to reach out and check in with all of you.

We're actively heading into year 2  (Can you believe it???) of what has been and continues to be incredibly challenging times for so many of us... collectively we are finding our breaths labored and difficult to exhale sometimes. Know that you are not at all alone in the midst of all of this... Our ability to spend time, be with you in person is incredibly limited, but connection remains so crucial when we're all so far apart from one another

We're a part of a whole, no? 

In my many endless streams of thought that seem to be on a constant rotation in this heart and spirit of mine, I wanted to stop and take a moment to simply say that pieces of my energy are with you... cheering you along the way... championing your successes (regardless of how big or small)... and giving you the biggest squeeze when the not-so-great happenings feel as if they're ganging up on you. 

We're a part of a whole, no?

It's 941pm PST and sincerely, my thoughts are with each and every one of you that will receive this lil message and take in its contents. Know that right now in this moment... in this millisecond of time, YOU are a part of an amazing light that continues to play an integral role in who we are today, not just me as a person, but we as an organization as well. Not a day goes by that we aren't so grateful

Just thought it might be important to let you know how much we thank you

It gets better 


Love & Gratefulness,

|| Owner of Eleva Alma Apothecary & Tea Amo

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My Favorite for Everyday Wear

This product is spectacular! I work long days (typically 18-20 hours), and this is one of the few- the others are also Eleva Alma Body Buttercreams- that I can still smell at the end of the day. These Buttercreams are luscious, easily absorbable into the skin, and highly nourishing. A little goes a long way, and the scents are so delicious! I have been searching for a good moisturizer for a while now, and I am so happy that I’ve found this product line.


I’ve had difficulty sleeping for years. I’ve tried everything and I do mean everything. Nothing has been quite like these drops! Babbbyyy you talking about some good sleep, without any grogginess. This stuff right here is the truth!

The Sweetest of Dreams!!!

My new fix! Nothing But Heaven on Earth!!! I'm on here to get more Sweet Dreams. I didn't realize I was out. Shook the bottle and it shook back.

Like a Kid the Night Before School Starts

When you were a kid, did you lay out your clothes for the first day of school the night before? Did you get so excited that you put on absolutely every new item of clothing you had? That is the where this new haul from Eleva Alma takes me. It takes me back to that excitement of knowing that you were covered in all your hopes and dreams for the new year.

I have opened every candle and every jar of buttercream and every bottle of fragrance oil that was painstakingly packed for me. I am surrounded by the most amazing smells, and they bring back that nostalgic joy of childhood. I cannot contain my excitement to wear every single fragrance and buttercream! I will be the best smelling person in my work from home office!

Pride in a Box

Do you work too much? Do you pour yourself into your work because not giving 100 percent is not an option? Do you lose yourself in it and absolutely throw out the notion of self-care? Of course! So do I.

What I absolutely love about this February subscription box is the reminder to stop. Allow the fragrances to wash over you. Allow the tea to soothe your mind and warm your spirit. Allow the affirming words to bring you closer to the collective connection of black excellence. As Grace adorns my wrists and Blackberry Vanilla becomes the salve on my chest, I remember who I am. I have adjusted my crown. Thank you for the reminder.