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Tuesday Talks w/EAA - 3.2.21

|| March 2, 2021 | Now Playing: "Water Baby" by Tom Misch | 1:39am PST ||

Heyyyy Loves!


It's a typical late night for us here, because of course we don't keep "normal" hours anymore when it comes to product production, inventory updates and well, sleep lol... what's that right?

These are my brief moments that I can steal away and grab a few to check in with you


Is anyone else shocked that it's March already? Just me? I swear it feels like the clock is on some sort of extra rapid time continuum lately... it's hard not to feel a lil dizzy sometimes


With everything going on and on and on around us, I know it can be hard to find the light... At times, it may even feel as if things are purposely stacking themselves against you... yet in the face of all of that... all of those completely valid and absolutely warranted emotions, please know that you're not alone in feeling the intense gravity of the world as of late. From a planetary alignment perspective, things have been so so weighty... butttt, the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel now comes in to shake things up with the ushering in of this third month of 2021... Ahhh bring in March

(extra squeezes to our Piscesean loves)!!!


I can already feel the energetic pull of this week... calling for movement... change... flux... admittedly when these palpable moments present themselves in the air, it can be a lil intimidating for me, butttt I step full force into them every single time without hesitation... call me crazy with a touch of let's get it all... lol!


My hope for you this week... this moment... this snapshot in time is that you find the courage to step into all of it... that you meet yourself at the door of what is to come and hold yourself in the light of what tomorrow is whispering gently to you and you alone.

Even with trepidation, know that it's ok to walk forward and greet this energy. 


Take a deep breath, scream real quick if need be, fist on your hips and super hero the ish outa this week! 




Love & Gratefulness,


|| Owner of Eleva Alma Apothecary & Tea Amo

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