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Based on 105 reviews
Raising the Bar, Each and Every Time!

I’m going to start off by saying that these boxes are so good that I don’t think twice when a new one is dropped for pre-orders. I automatically order it and await the magic that they possess.

The craftsmanship, intention, and care put into these beautifully curated collection of keepsakes and goods has no competition.

Not only can you receive special release Eleva Alma products, but many of the site favorites also make an appearance.

There is a high quality to the products, and they are long lasting. I received a pouch of dried flowers in a previous box that still smell as wonderful as the day I received them over a year ago.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be pampered by the goodness of the Sip & Slather boxes. You won’t be disappointed.

Quali-TEA, you hear me!

This Bruja box was a wonderful surprise! I didn't think it was possible for a package to smell so good, before opening it .😆 Every item felt carefully curated and I'm thoroughly impressed as this is my first seasonal box. I'm definitely making this a tradition. ❤️🖤💚

Thank you so so very much! Sincerely, this is why we do what we do... the opportunity to share this type of joy and full-sensory experience is what we live for in each and every box. Welcome to the boxy beautifulness ;o)


Eleva!!! You’ve Done It Again!!!
I didn’t think the Halloween box could get any better but alas I was wrong! I Love Surprises and this box is filled with so many soulfully intuitively crafted and selected delights! I’ve waited all year and this box does NOT disappoint! Reserving two for next year! One for myself and one for another beautiful kindred witchy-sistah

Infused Serum: Zen
My Zen for sure

It’s my wonder serum! My skin soaks up all the goodness and leaves my spirit smiling! I use on my face, body and even my hair. I received it as part of a gift last holiday season and I’ve been ordering ever since!

Beautifully designed

I was beyond impressed with how much thought went into preparing my intuition box. The presentation was beautiful and the products included were amazing as always. Everything was personally chosen, packed with care and sent with pure loving intention. Thank you so much! Highly recommend.

EAA Home Life Essentials Home Spray: Brown-Sugared Chestnuts [Seasonal Exclusive]
Grab a Bottle Whenever You Can!

This product was a gift to my sister (a Middle School teacher) who wanted a Holiday scent for her classroom that could also combat the odor of her hormonal teenage students. Just as expected, this Home Spray knocked it out of the park. The warm scents aren’t overwhelming and cloying, like many big brand room sprays can be. I’ll have to make sure to keep a bottle for myself next time.

Hair & Beard Oil: Loc & Key
My Go To Scent

This nourishing oil is my go to scent for everyday wear. Long lasting and without any ingredients that leave your skin dry and flaky, Loc & Key is one of the many products that was recommended to me that I’m so thankful to use.

Essential Perfume Oil: Awakening
Nice and convenient

What a great little treasure to keep in the bag for a fresh and light scent anywhere I go. Mmmmm, maybe a stocking stuffer, too!

Body Buttercreams: Black Currant Creme
Lovely, lucious Fragrance

I love this new fragrance and, of course, the Buttercream is luxurious as all the the buttercream products!

Eleva Alma Intention Oils: Attraction/Abundance
Prayers Answered

I knew that I you would be the ONE that I would the oils I needed. I dreamed of it and saw it in visions while meditating but what I hold in my hands are far more powerful than my thoughts and dreams could hold.
Thank you for being powerful, magical and intentional in all that you do. It is felt through each of your products but this Intention Oil is life

Eleva Alma Doesn’t Disappoint

I’ve been buying from Eleva Alma for a short while now, but this is the first time I’ve purchased the Sip & Slather box.

Like with all their other products, I am overjoyed with the intention set into the products and likewise with the quality.

The box is full of wonderful treats aimed towards pampering myself and cultivating my wishes. Because of how many items were included, I was given the happy task of finding new things to try out and add to my collection each time I open the box.

I look forward to the treasures to behold in the next box, I was sure to secure my subscription to that one as well.

Eleva Alma doesn’t disappoint! Try them out and you’ll see why!

Botanical Buttercream - Lavender Mint
These Products Raise the Bar Each and Every Time

I’m a returning customer of Eleva Alma, and each time I’m not disappointed.

The Lavender Mint Botanical Cream is the perfect moisturizer to wind down a stressful day with, and it works magic on your feet.

My purchases this time were focused on scents for the home. Having scent profiles based on previously purchased products (like the Summatime Fragrance Oil Blend), I was able to make choices that I knew would work wonderfully in my home.

Eleva Alma has all of the luxurious necessities to cultivate a pleasant and serene atmosphere in and on your body, as well as in your home.

Body Buttercreams: Satsuma Woods
My Favorite for Everyday Wear

This product is spectacular! I work long days (typically 18-20 hours), and this is one of the few- the others are also Eleva Alma Body Buttercreams- that I can still smell at the end of the day. These Buttercreams are luscious, easily absorbable into the skin, and highly nourishing. A little goes a long way, and the scents are so delicious! I have been searching for a good moisturizer for a while now, and I am so happy that I’ve found this product line.

EAA Tincture Tonic: Sweet Dreams

I’ve had difficulty sleeping for years. I’ve tried everything and I do mean everything. Nothing has been quite like these drops! Babbbyyy you talking about some good sleep, without any grogginess. This stuff right here is the truth!

EAA Tincture Tonic: Sweet Dreams
The Sweetest of Dreams!!!

My new fix! Nothing But Heaven on Earth!!! I'm on here to get more Sweet Dreams. I didn't realize I was out. Shook the bottle and it shook back.

Vela Luz Artisan Candles: Signature & Seasonal Treats Collection (Glass Jars)
Like a Kid the Night Before School Starts

When you were a kid, did you lay out your clothes for the first day of school the night before? Did you get so excited that you put on absolutely every new item of clothing you had? That is the where this new haul from Eleva Alma takes me. It takes me back to that excitement of knowing that you were covered in all your hopes and dreams for the new year.

I have opened every candle and every jar of buttercream and every bottle of fragrance oil that was painstakingly packed for me. I am surrounded by the most amazing smells, and they bring back that nostalgic joy of childhood. I cannot contain my excitement to wear every single fragrance and buttercream! I will be the best smelling person in my work from home office!

Pride in a Box

Do you work too much? Do you pour yourself into your work because not giving 100 percent is not an option? Do you lose yourself in it and absolutely throw out the notion of self-care? Of course! So do I.

What I absolutely love about this February subscription box is the reminder to stop. Allow the fragrances to wash over you. Allow the tea to soothe your mind and warm your spirit. Allow the affirming words to bring you closer to the collective connection of black excellence. As Grace adorns my wrists and Blackberry Vanilla becomes the salve on my chest, I remember who I am. I have adjusted my crown. Thank you for the reminder.

Love the Subscription. The teas, the buttercream, the art work and textile. Everything was lovely.

I loved everything in this subscription.

Body ButterCreams: Apricot & Peach Tart

I really love how the buttercream keeps my skin hydrated in this cold weather. I even applied it on my face and my face didn’t break out. I absolutely love this product.

Love it

I absolutely love this box. It had a little bit of everything you need in it. Every product in the box is exceptional.

Excellence in a box!!!!

Well packaged...I feel like I got my money’s worth with this box. I would definitely do business with this company again!! 👏🏾

Essential Oil Blend: Calm Clarity

I’ve ordered from here twice now and shipping has been prompt with no problems. Every product is EXACTLY how it is described and I’m just thrilled with everything.

HLE Fragrance Oil Blends: Satsuma Woods

Amazingly masculine scent! The description of the aroma is definitely on par with the lighted fragrance. I’m enlightened.👍🏾

Vela Luz Artisan Candles: Café Collection
Love it - Toasted Mallow

This candle smells absolutely amazing and made me want smores right away. The wick is a long thin piece of wood which adds some aesthetic to the candle.

Vela Luz Artisan Candles: Signature Collection
Love it - Amalfi Coast & Cypress Woods

Good strength of smell, not overpowering but you definitely still smell it (even unlit). The wick is a thin, long wooden piece which adds some aesthetic to the already very cute candle. Cypress woods smells just like Christmas and the Amalfi Coast is a fresh uplifting scent.