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Eleva Alma Apothecary

Sip & Slather - A Seasonal Box for the Senses (October's Harvest Bruja Box)


The Tea Amo/Eleva Alma Apothecary (themed) curated collection colab!
 ☕Teas... Buttas... Heaven... Oh My!☕


(NOTE: ALL SIP & SLATHER BOXES ARE ANNUAL: Once sold out, the specific box release won't run again until the following year) 



of our

E X C L U S I V E 


Sip & Slather ALL HALLOWS' EVE Box

***Featuring an irresistibly & deliciously wicked collaboration element with Berry & Thyme***

"Harvest Bruja: October's Blood Moon Magic"

(Full Blood Moon - October 9, 2022)


Boxes to be shipped week of October 3rd!!!

***Based on the order in which box reservations are received***

This box of amazingness should NOT be missed



In our highly coveted annual Hallows Eve Harvest Bruja Box, we present:

October's Blood Moon Magic 

A continued celebration of our magic maven's natural, energetically born gifts
  • an ode to magic seen & unseen... 
  • to feminine finesse...
  • nature's gifts...
  • conjured magnificence...
  • and to all of the things that elevate crafted apothecarist ancestral arts, energies near & far and an elevation to light within us
Featuring curated & crafted items that speak life to spirit and gives a lil bit of our magic to you!
Each incredible box celebrates, empowers and revels in otherworldy goddess-melanated perfection;
Featuring a signature body buttercream, herbal tea, exclusive mug, oils, cleansers, textiles, home care and much more!!!

Scheduled to ship the week of October 3, 2022

***Based on the order in which box reservations were received***

Sip & Slather - A Seasonal Box for the Senses (October's Harvest Bruja Box)


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Raising the Bar, Each and Every Time!

I’m going to start off by saying that these boxes are so good that I don’t think twice when a new one is dropped for pre-orders. I automatically order it and await the magic that they possess.

The craftsmanship, intention, and care put into these beautifully curated collection of keepsakes and goods has no competition.

Not only can you receive special release Eleva Alma products, but many of the site favorites also make an appearance.

There is a high quality to the products, and they are long lasting. I received a pouch of dried flowers in a previous box that still smell as wonderful as the day I received them over a year ago.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be pampered by the goodness of the Sip & Slather boxes. You won’t be disappointed.

Quali-TEA, you hear me!

This Bruja box was a wonderful surprise! I didn't think it was possible for a package to smell so good, before opening it .😆 Every item felt carefully curated and I'm thoroughly impressed as this is my first seasonal box. I'm definitely making this a tradition. ❤️🖤💚

Thank you so so very much! Sincerely, this is why we do what we do... the opportunity to share this type of joy and full-sensory experience is what we live for in each and every box. Welcome to the boxy beautifulness ;o)


Eleva!!! You’ve Done It Again!!!
I didn’t think the Halloween box could get any better but alas I was wrong! I Love Surprises and this box is filled with so many soulfully intuitively crafted and selected delights! I’ve waited all year and this box does NOT disappoint! Reserving two for next year! One for myself and one for another beautiful kindred witchy-sistah